A service of prayers in times of pandemic

We would like to share the PDF of this Reader’s Service of Prayer for Protection from the Coronavirus prepared by Archbishop Michael of New York and New Jersey:

Readings by the Lake

I had the joy to spend 2 days at a secluded Trinity Alps lake with a Kindle, finally finding the time to catch up on reading spiritual books I had purchased a while back. A new discovery is Fr Spyridon Bailey of England who writes beautiful and inspiring books with a uniquely gifted prose. He […]

Praying for those who have died: Notes from Dormition

In this article, I will use my notes from the sermon delivered on the Feast of the Dormition (Falling Asleep) of the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary (August 15, 2018). My purpose here is the explore a simple question: can and should we pray for the dead? Should we address them or include them in our […]

Mary as Spiritual Mother of All Christians

As I mentioned during my sermon, it may take a while to fully ‘get the message’when it comes to the unique role of Mary as the spiritual mother of all Christians. I am including below, as promised, the discussion by Protestant (Anglican I believe) ministry leader Rick Wiles on this topic. It may well be […]