The Same Power: Song for Today’s Sermon

“Same Power” I can see Waters raging at my feet I can feel The breath of those surrounding me I can hear The sound of nations rising up We will not be overtaken We will not be overcome I can walk Down this dark and painful road I can face Every fear of the unknown […]

Understanding Orthodox Worship

Recently, a new form of worship has become widely popular among Christians.  Where before people would sing hymns accompanied by an organ then listen to a sermon, in this new worship there are praise bands that use rock band instruments, short catchy praise songs, sophisticated Powerpoint presentations, and the pastor giving uplifting practical teachings about […]

What is Biblical Worship?

Rediscovering WORSHIP: Are human beings supposed to create, invent their own forms of worship? In the Bible, God revealed the “pattern” to Moses and the Prophets after him as they saw the Eternal Worship that always takes place in the Heavens. The angels participate in it: we are called to enter into that eternally existing […]