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HSU OLLI Course: The Making of The Bible

The Making of the Bible

An HSU OLLI Course with Fr Laurent

This is an academic presentation tracing the complex history of both of the Old and New Testament as sacred literature, including: dealing with lost originals and imperfect copies; the relationship between the Dead Sea Scrolls, Jewish Masoretic text, and Septuagint; the issue of the ‘canon’ and Apocrypha; and why there are so many competing Bible versions today.

Day & Date: Thurs., Nov. 10-Dec. 8 (no class Nov. 24)

Time: 10-11:50 a.m.

Fee: OLLI Members $65

Class #: 47345: REGISTER ONLINE

Location: Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center

Laurent Cleenewerck is a regular OLLI faculty member and the host of an annual Religious Studies Experiential Workshop for HSU. He is an Orthodox theologian, the editor of the Eastern/Greek Orthodox Bible, the rector of Eureka’s historic Eastern Orthodox Church on F St., and serves as faculty member for other international post-secondary institutions.

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