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Taste of Orthodoxy | Ethnic & Greek Food and Dance Festival October 3 2015

Saint Innocent Orthodox Church in Eureka is pleased to confirm and announce the 12th edition of our popular Taste of Orthodoxy | Ethnic & Greek Food and Dance Festival which will take place on Church grounds at 939 F Street (Eureka), on Saturday October 3rd, 2015 between noon and 4 PM. Expect all the usual wonders of this staple event, including:

  • our amazing gyros
  • the Greek booth
  • Irene’s best-in-the-world Wiener Schnitzel and Austrian potato salad (again this year by huge popular demand)
  • The downstairs Russian Tea Room
  • Hourly (short) Byzantine choir performances and tours
  • Music and dancing by Chubritza!
  • And much more

This week-end coincides with the HSU Religious Experience week-end (which special lectures open to the public) and the Historic Society open doors day (on Sunday), noon- 5 PM.

Call 443-2099 for more information.

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