Lent and Holy Week Schedule 2016

  Holy Week Saturday, April 23                    Lazarus Saturday, Divine Liturgy at 10am; Great Vespers at 6pm Sunday, April 24                       Palm Sunday, Divine Liturgy at 10am Monday, April 25                      Bridegroom Service 6:00pm Tuesday, April 26                      Bridegroom Service 6:00pm Wednesday, April 27               Pre-Sanctified Liturgy with Holy Unction 6:00pm Thursday, April 28                    Divine Liturgy of the Institution of […]

Why is Orthodox Pascha on a different date?

Did you notice that Orthodox Pascha doesn’t usually fall on the same day as everyone else’s? There’s a good reason for this. The Orthodox Christian Church calculates a bit differently than other Christian denominations. This isn’t done to confuse everyone. There are a few really good reasons why it may fall on a different date. […]