A service of prayers in times of pandemic

We would like to share the PDF of this Reader’s Service of Prayer for Protection from the Coronavirus prepared by Archbishop Michael of New York and New Jersey:

Lenten Schedule 2020

Lent and Holy Week Schedule – 2020 Please consult our online calendar which has been updated with all events. In doubt, please call 707 443 2099.

Cruise to Alaska 09/2019

WHAT? “Orthodox Cruises” organizes a conference/pilgrimage cruise to Alaska every 2 years, with the blessings of the Orthodox Bishop of Sitka and Alaska. The next edition of this cruise is scheduled for September 2019 (7th-14th). The cruise is confirmed! Reservations (on a first-come-first-serve basis) are still possible. WHY? This cruise (the third edition) is a […]

HSU OLLI Course: The Making of The Bible

The Making of the Bible An HSU OLLI Course with Fr Laurent This is an academic presentation tracing the complex history of both of the Old and New Testament as sacred literature, including: dealing with lost originals and imperfect copies; the relationship between the Dead Sea Scrolls, Jewish Masoretic text, and Septuagint; the issue of […]

Is Christianity a Western Religion?

Christianity is in the first place an oriental religion, and it is a mystical religion. (J.C. Barrois, Roots of Christian Mysticism, Introduction) “Western” is not necessarily a negative label, far from it! Western science is what gave us modern physics, relativity, quantum physics and with it our computers, cells phones, GPS systems, high-tech medicine etc. […]

What are non-denominational churches?

PART 1: NOT A HELPFUL (OR ACCURATE) LABEL A lot of Christians sincerely believe that they are just Bible Christians because the Church they attend is labelled “non-denominational.” Admittedly, there are so many Christian denominations in the United States that it is tempting to walk away from any label like “Baptist” “Pentecostal” “Evangelical” “Foursquare” etc. […]

Mount Sinai Still Speaks Today

Featured photo:  This is the Monastery of Saint Catherine—the oldest in the world. This is where the world’s most ancient manuscripts of the Bible were preserved for centuries. It is … as one may expect … an Orthodox monastery and Church. Where does a pilgrim go, seeking the place where God encounters Humanity? There is a […]