Mary as Spiritual Mother of All Christians

As I mentioned during my sermon, it may take a while to fully ‘get the message’when it comes to the unique role of Mary as the spiritual mother of all Christians. I am including below, as promised, the discussion by Protestant (Anglican I believe) ministry leader Rick Wiles on this topic. It may well be […]

Did Mary have other children?

Summary: Christians disagree on this question. Some Christians (Evangelicals) believe that yes, Mary had other children after Jesus was born. Others (Catholics, Orthodox) believe that Mary had only one child (Jesus) and did not in fact have marital relations with Joseph. The early Protestants (Luther, Calvin) also believed that Mary never had other children after […]

Reflection on the so-called Blood Moons

Sadly, it was too overcast to see the “Blood Moon” (the media’s term) over Humboldt on the day of the Bridegroom Matins, coincidentally or providentially. These unusual astronomical events are a good occasion to discuss the symbolic language of the Scriptures and of the first two days of Holy Week. Biblically, the moon represents the […]