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Mary as Spiritual Mother of All Christians

As I mentioned during my sermon, it may take a while to fully ‘get the message’when it comes to the unique role of Mary as the spiritual mother of all Christians. I am including below, as promised, the discussion by Protestant (Anglican I believe) ministry leader Rick Wiles on this topic. It may well be the best discussion of Mary I have heard many years, with a compelling use of Romans 8. Of course, Mary’s spiritual motherhood of all beloved disciples is implied in John 20 (the entrusting at the cross) and Revelation 12 in which Mary is clearly the woman gives birth to the child who is to other nations and who has also the rest of her spiritual posterity which are all Christians. It is clear that Mary overlaps with the Church and Wisdom if we look at the direct historical fulfillment as well as the symbolic meaning of it all.

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