Orthodox Christianity: Encounter The True, The Eternal, The Beautiful

Feast Day of Saint Joseph (December 26)

For the Akathist to Saint Joseph, visit the website of the Antiochian Men, whose patron is Saint Joseph. They broadcast the Akathist, which they offer every year on December 26. For prayers to Saint Joseph, on this Feast or offered for 9 days, the text (adapted from the Akathist) is: O holy, righteous Joseph! While […]

2023 Pilgrimage to Alaska Cruise

Announcing the ORTHODOX pilgrimage CRUISE TO ALASKA: august 19-26, 2023 Join us for the 5th edition of our exceptional 7-day Conference & Pilgrimage Orthodox Cruise to Alaska, to the roots of Orthodox Christianity in North America sailing from Seattle on August 19, 2023. Be amazed by the power and beauty of creation at Glacier Bay, […]

Mary as Spiritual Mother of All Christians

As I mentioned during my sermon, it may take a while to fully ‘get the message’when it comes to the unique role of Mary as the spiritual mother of all Christians. I am including below, as promised, the discussion by Protestant (Anglican I believe) ministry leader Rick Wiles on this topic. It may well be […]

The Same Power: Song for Today’s Sermon

“Same Power” I can see Waters raging at my feet I can feel The breath of those surrounding me I can hear The sound of nations rising up We will not be overtaken We will not be overcome I can walk Down this dark and painful road I can face Every fear of the unknown […]

Finding Peace in a Chaotic World

A reflection by Fr Laurent After more than 10 years of ordained ministry, but also as human being going through life, I can say one thing with great personal certainty: What we seek and need is peace! I mean inner peace. Peace with myself. Peace with God. Peace with reality. Peace with the universe (creation) […]

Understanding Orthodox Worship

Recently, a new form of worship has become widely popular among Christians.  Where before people would sing hymns accompanied by an organ then listen to a sermon, in this new worship there are praise bands that use rock band instruments, short catchy praise songs, sophisticated Powerpoint presentations, and the pastor giving uplifting practical teachings about […]

Lessons from the Kingdom Tower

You may have heard about the Kingdom Tower (photo above). It is to be the highest building in the world, almost a mile high! As the name indicates, it is to be built in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the desert! On sand! For sure, they are going to have to pour lots of […]

The Best Gift to Your Children

According to a wise proverb: “people should not have children to finally give meaning to their lives; rather they should have children to pass on to them the meaning of life that they have already found.” Parents, especially young parents, often wonder: “what is best for my family and children?” What values and legacy can […]

Is Christianity a Western Religion?

Christianity is in the first place an oriental religion, and it is a mystical religion. (J.C. Barrois, Roots of Christian Mysticism, Introduction) “Western” is not necessarily a negative label, far from it! Western science is what gave us modern physics, relativity, quantum physics and with it our computers, cells phones, GPS systems, high-tech medicine etc. […]