Orthodox Christianity: Encounter The True, The Eternal, The Beautiful

I don’t even believe in God…

Here is an interesting (and true) story:

A man (who is an atheist = who does not believe in God) meets an Orthodox priest wearing his tradition black cassock and pectoral cross. The man tells the priest, to make a point: “I don’t believe of God. There is no evidence and the whole thing stinks!”

At this, the priest answers: “Yeah. I don’t believe in God either.”

Obviously, our man is a little bit taken aback. After a nice long pause and looking at the man in the eyes, the priest continues:

“The kind of God you don’t believe in is probably the kind of God I wouldn’t believe in either. A lot of people have put out an idea of God that honestly is just not believable and not even very attractive…”

As you can image, a good conversation ensued.

So there are good and bad reasons to believe or not believe in God. And there are ‘versions of God’ that are frankly frightening.

For a long time, I thought that God could be proven. I still have the outline of a book I was going to write called “Proving God?” But I never wrote that book and I wonder if I ever will. For sure, there are many compelling arguments (see below). But I now believe that we (human beings; I can’t speak for turkeys) simply know that there is a God. For various reasons, we may end up suppressing that knowledge, but we know. This the entire point of the amazing letter (Epistle) of the Apostle Paul to the Romans, chapter 1….

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