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A Bible Study in Eureka?

St Innocent’s Bible study group (in Eureka) is led by our parish rector, Fr Laurent Cleenewerck, and takes place every Tuesday at 6:30 PM, right at the end of the service of evening prayers called Vespers.

For small group Bible studies or at-home Bible studies, the best is to call our parish office and to ask for current arrangements. Fr Laurent is always willing to organize small groups or individual studies at convenient times.

And if you have questions about anything found in the Bible (or related to faith and religion), don’t hesitate to call Fr Laurent at 443-2099. He would love to discuss anything Biblical with you!

It is a wonderful resource to have Fr Laurent on hand here in Eureka. He has served as editor of the acclaimed EOB New Testament (Eastern / Greek Orthodox New Testament) translation. He has also taught numerous college-level courses on Biblical topics, including the recent “The Making of the Bible” at HSU OLLI. As he likes to say, “the Bible is the literally the book of the Greek Orthodox Church. Think about the book of Revelation written in Patmos (in Greek!) where we Orthodox still have monastery over the cave where the vision was received. Thing about “to the Corinthians” or “to the Thessalonians” – we are still there, in those ancient cities of modern-day Greece. So please, knock on our door and we’ll be glad to explain this amazing text to whoever is interested.”

If you have always wanted to study the Bible with the people “whose book it is,” please call 707 443 2099 to make arrangements.


Fr Laurent’s academic web site (with books and publications) is www.cleenewerck.org

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