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"Byzantine Council"


The “Byzantine Council” is an group of men (mostly Christian men) meeting in the tradition of the Inklings, the fraternal club made famous by C.S. Lewis and JRR Tolkien.

Topics of conversation include history (Byzantine empire of course!), fiction (Tolkien), theology, and current events but avoid partisan politics. For better of worse, smoking the pipe is not something we get to do anymore because since then, we know just how not so good it is healthwise! A small and wise amount of wine or beer is on hand and food is provided (if anything in the form of a pizza).

We meet by the fire place downstairs and so seating is limited.

For the remainder of 2015, the schedule of meetings is not yet fully confirmed, so please contact Fr Laurent to discuss your interest. The tentative schedule for 2015/2016 is:

  • Thursday October 22nd at St Innocent’s at 6 PM
  • Thursday January the 24th at St Innocent’s at 6 PM
  • Rest of 2016 to be confirmed.


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